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A partnership is the goal. We demonstrate value on one piece of equipment or a host of items. Over time you will come to feel that we are working together to save you money and angst during your equipment's life cycle. Tracey Brame is a United States Military Academy (West Point) graduate with dual masters degrees in business and international business.

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Corporate Leasing

Yours is more than an issue of money. When you think about replacing your technology systems are you over whelmed with what to buy next and what to do with your current equipment? We can help you understand your options. We can leverage world wide databases, experiences and partnerships to help you understand what like companies in your technology situation discovered in similar benchmarks. This can save you money and time. Corporate technology may have a life past your corporation. We will help you quantify your needs, lease your technology, deinstall, data wipe, destroy or re-cycle any commercial equipment .

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Municipal Financing

Municipal Financing may be a better fit for you. Whether you aquire equipment, vehicles or buildings we will assist you every step of the way. We created a $50 million hybrid finance and acquistion program for a midwestern city's Police, Fire and Public Works Departments. We understand that your missions are different and unique. Let us help.

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